Poured in Place Foundations

     Poured concrete foundation walls are popular in many areas of the country, and are almost always used where there is to be a basement.

Wood or metal forms are set on the footings, reinforcing steel bars (rebar) are added to strengthen the wall, and concrete is poured into the forms. Before the concrete is "set," anchor bolts are pushed into the concrete along the perimeter of the home.
They are used to secure the exterior walls - a very good idea in areas where strong winds are a possibility.

Of course, as with everything else in home building, there are lots of local variations that you may run into with foundation design.

J & N Foundations will be there to help answer any questions that may arise.  We are aware of all building codes in the area and will make

sure your foundation is up to all local and state codes. Feel free to call and ask questions or get a quote.